Meet the Woods

Matthew, Kali, Laurel, Eleanor, and Caroline serve in Medan, Indonesia with LCMS International. Matthew supports The Indonesian Christian Lutheran Church, by mentoring pastors, providing continuing education, and overseeing translation projects.



The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The family continues to establish roots in Medan. Kali and I are currently working through the 6th and final unit  of Language class. We are amazed with our language abilities, especially when we think about our first months here in Medan. With the end of official classes about a month away we look to the work ahead. The Hymnal is an important priority as is visiting GKLI congregations. As always, there are more  updates available on theseaside!



  • Continued Language Learning.
  • Safety for Matthew’s travels to Mentawai. 
  • Thanksgiving for a productive meeting in Sihabonghabong
  • For Continued progress on the Indonesian Hymnal.
  • That Laurel and Caroline form friendships here in Indonesia.
  • For the GKLI and her continued faithfulness.

We Still Need You

Our support and funding has come in for our first year. Kali and I are committed to make this work for many years to come. Please continue to support us! Listen to the Lord’s work and read our newsletters. Pray for those we are serving in Indonesia. Tell others about this ministry. Continue your financial support! Our goal is to spend two years on the field before home service. Reaching this goal is important for our cultural acquisition and for the effectiveness of the ministry here. Click here to donate. has been updated! Pictures, updates, and family info have all been added. Check it out and stay up to date with what is happening!

Acrchives of the S.E.A.side are available. Visit Now! 




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