Mission Central – Visiting Missionaries 2022




  • January 8, 2022 – James Sharp family – Uruguay – 1:00 pm
  • January 19, 2022 – Tirzah Krey – Dominican Republic – 1:00 pm
  • February 26, 2022 – Jamielynn Tinkey Flores and Rev. Rafael Flores – Dominican Republic – 1:00 pm
  • March 29, 2022 – Cindy Wrucke – Czech Republic – 1:00 pm
  • April 23, 2022 – Rev. Herb and Markie Burch – Belize 1:00 pm
  • June 18, 2022 – Dr. Steve Oliver and family – Taiwan – 1:00 pm
  • July 9, 2022 – Barbara Rebentisch – Taiwan- 1:00 pm
  • July 9, 2022 – Carl Hanson family – Korea – 1:30 pm

Contact if you would like to bring a group for a personal tour :

Mission Central on the road

January 15th, 2022: Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church – West Des Moines, Worship at 5:00PM

January 16th, 2022: Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran – 8:00AM & 10:30 Worship – 9:15 Bible Class, Rev. John David

January 18th, 2022: Arrival of Tirzah Krey for 1:00PM presentation on her work in the Dominican Republic

January 23rd, 2022: Davenport, Ne. for St. Peter with Rev. Greg Schaffer, 9:00AM Worship-10:15AM Bible Class

January 30th, 2022: Special Service & Bible Class here at Mission Central with Tour and Sack Lunches 10:30 arrive.

February 5th, 2022:  Audubon, Iowa at St. John Lutheran at 5:00PM for Rev. Mike Bodkins for Saturday night service.

February 6th, 2022:  Wiota, Iowa for Worship and Bible Class for First Lutheran Church with Rev. Mike Bodkins

February 19th, 2022: Lincoln, Ne. to stay overnight with Rev. Dave and Deb Loeschen at their new home.

February 20th, 2022: Juniata, Ne. to speak at Christ Lutheran Church, Bible Class 9:00AM Worship at 10:00AM

February 26th, 2022: Arrival of Jamielynn Tinkey Flores & Rafeal, for 1:00 PM Presentation at Mission Central

February 27th, 2022: Aurelia, Iowa for St. Paul Lutheran – Worship at 9:30AM and Bible Class 10:45AM Rev. Evans

March 6th, 2022:    Atlantic, Iowa for Zion Lutheran, Rev. McBee, 9:15 Worship, 10:30BC (be there at 8:00AM) .

March 12th, 2022- Lyons, Kansas for arrival to stay at members for overnight, contact Rev. Kenton Abbott.

March 13th, 2022: Lyons, Kansas –Rev. Abbott. Grace Luth, Bible Class Sunday 9:00AmBC, 10:15Worship.

March 18th, 2022:  Tour group from St. John, Clarinda, Iowa for tour at 1:00PM for complete tour (Gretchen Sump)

March 20th, 2022:  Deshler, Ne. for St. Peter, Rev. Fransik, 9:45 Worship and 11:00 BC

March 27th, 2022:  York, Ne. for special Worship Service and Bible Class with Rev. Niedow & Rev. Kaiser!

March 29th, 2022:  Arrival of Cindy Wrucke for special event of 10:30AM Tour and meal, Wrucke speaking at 1:00PM

April 2nd, 2022:     Wellsburg, Ia. St. John Lutheran for Zone LWML Rally, Mary Zimmerman 8:00AM -641-751-6429

April 9th, 2022:      Des Moines, Iowa for Fall Rally of DesMoines East Zone LWML, Our Savior Lutheran 9:00AM

April 22nd, 2022:   Lincoln, Ne. for 8:30AM for Chapel at Trinity Lutheran School Kara – 402-466-1800

April 23rd, 2022:   Arrival of Faith Lutheran – Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 10:30am, meal needed for group.

May 1st, 2022:      Pierce, Ne. for Zion Lutheran 8:00 and 10:00 Worship, 9:00AM BC, Rev. Gordon Bruce

May 2nd, 2022:     Pierce, Ne. for perhaps Chapel presentation for Students, Evening worship at 7:00PM at Zion.

May 8th, 2022:    Sioux Falls, SD, at Redeemer Lutheran for Worship at 8:00 and 10:30 and Bible Class 9:15AM

May 14th, 2022:   Arrival of Tour group from Trinity Lutheran at Martinsburg, Ne. 1:00 PM, and Rev. Hill & group.

May 15th, 2022:    Martinsburg, Ne.  for Trinity Lutheran, 9:00AM Worship 1030BC Rev. Hill, bring screen.

May 21-22, 2022: Valentine, Ne. for Our Savior Lutheran 9:00 AM Worship & 10:30AM Bible Class.

May 29th, 2022:  Clarinda, Iowa for Immanuel Lutheran, for Worship and Bible Class, Joint service with Rev. Brandt

June 5th, 2022:    Boone, Ia. for Trinity Lutheran, Rev. Jess Heimer, 8:00, 10:30 Worship and Bible Class 9:14AM

June 11th, 2022:  Cherokee, Iowa for Trinity Lutheran, Rev. Jon Riggert – 5:30 PM Worship Service

June 12th,20200: Cherokee, Iowa for Trinity Lutheran Rev. Jon Riggert – 9:00AM Worship and 10:30 BC

June 17th, 2022:  Spirit Lake, Iowa for IDW LWML Convention speaker, and Dr. Steve Oliver to speak also.

June 18th, 2022:  Arrival of Dr. Steve Oliver to speak at 1:00PM on this Saturday at Mission Central for event.

June 24th, 2022:  Gehring, Nebraska – near Scottsbluff, Ne. for LWML Annual meeting Barb Schaer 308-360-0316

June 26-28th, 2022:  Iowa District West Convention – for Rev. Steve Turner, PLEASE SAVE at Spirit Lake.