Ramirez (Peru) Update – February 2024

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January & February 2024 Newsletter

from the Ramirez Family

New Year, New excitement.

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Ramirez Family Personal Update

The Lord is good in all moments. Pastor Jeancarlos covered the congregations in Lima for Christmas before traveling to Michigan to join us. We have been blessed to be together to start this new year. At this time we are still in Michigan. We pray that the Lord will help us to be able to resolve the necessary issues swiftly and according to His plan. At every moment we strive to trust in His wisdom and His plan waiting on Him.

Ian is a healthy chunky little baby. We praise the Lord for his baptism and new life. Eliana (3) has been developing her English skills while we have been here. She is now bilingual. Abraham (5) has been blessed to be participating in kindergarten and learning to read in English. 

             While we are in Michigan I (deaconess Caitlin) have still been busy supporting the mission through technology. I have been working on translating VBS and Sunday school materials for use throughout Latin America. I have also been able to continuing teaching deaconess classes and mentoring students. I am providing direction for our Castillo Fuerte  (ed., “Strong Castle”) staff and programs. Additionally, I am working on curriculum development for the deaconess programs practicum. This means writing more course materials!

Castillo Fuerte Summer and Youth Program

Summertime, Sun time and Fun time! The kids in the La Victoria neighborhood are enjoying spending their summer vacations at Castillo Fuerte Mercy House. This year our staff has prepared a whole new set of fun workshops and activities for the kids. In the mornings kids ages 6-11 have sports, crafts, mini chef, theater, English and bible class.


Additionally, this summer for the first time Castillo Fuerte is offering activities for the youth (11-16) in the afternoon. Over the years we have seen that children tend to age out during their pre-teen years and stop participating in our activities and often the church as well. Over the last year the church has started a youth group and tried to offer activities to engage and keep the youth in the church. It is our hope that having summer activities for the pre-teens at Castillo Fuerte will help overall with our youth retention in the young congregation.

Pictured above: Mini chef is one of the most popular summer workshops among our kids at Castillo Fuerte

Mercy — Project Dorcus

During the fall of 2023 the congregation in Los Olivos worked to collect gently used clothing for Project Dorcus. The congregation had several ingathering and asked the other churches to contribute. The ladies of the church washed, sorted and organized the clothes into groups based on size and created smaller gift bags of clothing. Then the congregation hosted a chocolatada (a traditional Peruvian Christmas party) in the rural neighborhood of Accon on the outskirts of Lima. While the Good News of our Savior’s birth was shared in Word and  story with the families who attended the event by Pastor Jeancarlos, the ladies of the congregation worked to also share this Good News and Christ’s love through physical gifts of clothing. These clothes given to families in need served as a way to show God’s mercy in tangible means.

Please Pray with us for:

We give thanks for the birth of Ian and his baptism.

We give thanks for the birth of our Savior and the Christmas celebrations in our churches in Lima.

Please pray for summer programing at Castillo Fuerte and a new Youth program.

We give thanks that our famiily has been reunited.

We give thanks for Pastor Milagros and family, new missionaries to Peru.

Please pray for our    Deaconess students and their studies.

We pray giving thanks for upcoming short-term teams and volunteers who will be helping with a youth retreat, organización and stewardship.

We are so thankful for your gifts and prayers! It would not be possible for us to serve as missionaries without your support at home. Thank You!!

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