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To give in support of a PROJECT using a credit card, please call Mission Central at 712-882-1029

Specific project opportunities are displayed further down or you can choose one of the four region-wide opportunities below and Mission Central (Gary) will direct your gift to one or more projects or missionaries in that region that would benefit most from your personal support.

Use where the mission opportunities or financial pressures are greatest

Region Ministry Area Project Description Special (Restricted) Account
Africa Only Where the opportunity or pressure is greatest Where Most Needed A16156-20701-487
Asia Only Where the opportunity or pressure is greatest Where Most Needed A16156-20701-433
Eurasia Only Where the opportunity or pressure is greatest Where Most Needed A16156-20701-145
Latin America Only Where the opportunity or pressure is greatest Where Most Needed A16156-20701-212



You can help give the good news of Jesus Christ with those from Ukraine (Eurasia region) who have been displaced by the war, and supply important resources to provide for their physical and emotional needs.  (This is one of the new online donation forms that is working.)

Or download the new Adoption Agreement for this special project.

THANK YOU for helping FULLY FUND over 65 projects since July 1, 2020!  We remove the fully funded projects so that you can find the initiatives that still need some help!

Send Missionaries – The strategic project collection below (Alliance Missionaries) gives our global partners the opportunity to send missionaries into the world, serving and laboring alongside LCMS missionaries, to tell others about Jesus.

Region Ministry Area Project Description Special Account Donate Online
Africa Africa Africa Alliance Missionaries AA0005-61105  
Africa Ethiopia EECMY Alliance Missionary ET0005-61715  
Asia Asia Alliance Missionary-Asia Region AAS001-92001  
Eurasia Czech Republic Alliance Missionary – Czech Republic CZ0001-64503  
Eurasia Germany Alliance Missionary – Germany WE0006-63108  
Eurasia Iceland Alliance Missionary – Iceland IS0001-63223  
Eurasia Pakistan Alliance Missionary – Pakistan PK0002-64804  
Eurasia Romania Alliance Missionary Rev. Sorin Trifa CE0001-63101  
Latin America Jamaica Alliance Missionary Obot Ite JM0001-66303  
Latin America Peru Alliance Missionary – Peru LM0016  
Form and Send PastorsThese strategic projects help our global partners identify, train and send out their own pastors, deaconess, and trained workers to tell and teach others about Jesus.
Region Ministry Area Project Description Special Account Donate Online
Africa Africa Theological Education-Books, Materials, Visiting Profs. AA0012-61414
Africa Africa International Student Matongo Scholarships AA0021-61525
Africa Congo-Brazzaville CLETCO Seminary Operations CB0001-61061
Africa French-speaking (Francophone) Francophone Expatriate Guest Professors AA0025-60814
Africa French-speaking (Francophone) Scholarships for Accredited Theo. Ed. On Continent FP0003
Africa East Africa Deaconess Scholarships AA0022-61428
Africa Ethiopia EECMY-Mekane Yesus Seminary ET0002-61713
Africa Ethiopia EELC Seminary ET0004-61707
Africa Ghana ELCG Seminary GH0001-60308
Africa Guinea CLET-Guinea Seminary Operations GN0001-61300
Africa Kenya ELCK Matongo Seminary KE0004-61523
Africa Nigeria LCN Seminary NG0001-60506
Africa Sierra Leone CELTS Seminary Operations SL0001-61062
Africa South Africa LTS Seminary Pretoria ZA0001-60604
Africa South Sudan ELCSS-S Yambio Seminary SD0002-61608
Africa Tanzania LCEA St. Peter’s Seminary – Himo TZ0001-61066
Africa Togo CLET Seminary Operations TG0004-60801
Africa Uganda LCU Seminary – Magamaga UG0001-61208
Africa Uganda LCU Church Worker Support Fund UG0002-61209
Africa Guinea EELG First Year Seminary Novitiate Training GN0001-61300
Asia Mission Asia Theological Education – Learning AM0002-62052
Asia Mission Asia Region Theological Education – Literature AM0003
Eurasia Eurasia Eurasia Center for Spreading the Gospel WE0005-63106
Eurasia Eurasia Theological Education EM0001-64003
Eurasia Latvia Livonian Lutheran Project (Regional Seminary) BA0004-63321
Latin America General Seminary Professor LM0010-65045
Latin America General Seminary Symposia LM0013
Latin America General Translation Team- Theological Material LM0004
Plant Churches & Show Mercy – the strategic projects below gather people or reach out to people to hear the good news of Jesus and receive His gifts, some by demonstrating His love for people in times of personal or group suffering
Region Ministry Area Project Description Special Account Donate Online
Africa Africa Worship Structure Tin Roofs AA0001-61045
Africa Africa Water Projects AA0003-61416
Africa Africa Bibles for Africa AA0004-61407
Africa East Africa Agricultural Project Consultancy AA0006-61007
Africa Africa Refugee Word and Sacrament Ministry AA0010-61522
Africa Africa Mission Opportunities AA0011-61421
Africa Africa Member Care AA0013-61514
Africa Africa Mission Training Centers AA0014-61422
Africa Africa Books, Resouces & Translation AA0015-61424
Africa Africa Local Church Leadership Development and Care AA0016-61425
Africa Africa Hunger, Famine & Drought Relief AA0017-61426
Africa Africa Motorcycles for Evangelists AA0018-61526
Africa Africa Council Union Alliance Meetings AA0023-60816
Africa French-speaking (Francophone) Francophone Professional and Linguistic Studies AA0024-60813
Africa Africa Media Ministry AA0026-61106
Africa Africa Medical Outreach A40732
Africa Ethiopia EECMY Invitationals to LCMS Events ET0003-61714
Africa Guinea Hospital and Prison Ministry GN0002-61304
Africa Kenya ELCK Project 24 Construction KE0001-26744
Africa Kenya ELCK Christ’s Care for Children: Kenya (Child Sponsorships) KE0003-26724
Africa Kenya ELCK Matongo Deaconess Projects KE0009
Africa Malawi CLCMS Worship Structure Matching Fund MW0001-61065
Africa Malawi CLCMS Mission Opportunities MW0002-61050
Africa Mozambique Mozambique-Angola Projects MZ0001-60606
Africa Republic of Congo School Benches-CELCCO Boma CD0001-61101
Asia Papua New Guinea Mission Work in Papua New Guinea PG0003-62516
Eurasia India India Evangelical Lutheran Church IN0001-62222
Eurasia Ingria Ingria Outreach and Church Development RU0002-63214
Eurasia Siberia Siberia Counseling & Outreach Center RU0004-63217
Eurasia Eurasia Outreach and Church Planting EM0002-64004
Eurasia Germany Muslim Outreach with SELK WE0002
Latin America Cuba Church Support CU0001-66200
Latin America Jamaica Kingston Mission Support JM0002
Latin America Cayman Islands Cayman – International Congregation KY0001-65027
Latin America General Luther Academy LM0002-65013
Latin America General Luther Academy LAC Coordinator LM0005
Latin America General Mercy Center LM0011-65024
Wise Management – The projects below steward God’s gifts of missionaries, pastors, churches/church plants, and global partnerships so people continue to hear about Jesus
Region Ministry Area Project Description Special Account Donate Online
Africa Region-wide w/ U.S. partners FORO (Forum) Partnership Coordination AA0028-61108
Africa Region-wide Church Governance  Development, Training & Scholarships AA0008-61419
Africa Region-wide Missionary Professional Development AA0007-61413
Africa Region-wide Africa Region – Planning, Coordination, and Accountability AA0019-61417
Latin America Region-wide Pastoral Care for Missionaries LM0007-65015
Latin America Jamaica w/ U.S. partners Jamaica FORO (Forum) S11100-JM0003-7114
All Regions All Covid-19 Relief Campaign A40640-26650-7