Luther Academy

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Theological Conferences in our partner churches
Encourages and strengthens serving pastors
Provides continuing education to pastors

Many of our pastors find themselves serving several
congregations at the same time. The nearest neighboring pastor
might be more than 5 hours away. As our pastors serve multipoint
parishes, it becomes essential to offer them the
opportunity to be fed by Jesus in the hearing of His Word
through study, and having evenings to enjoy much needed
fellowship with pastors.
A recent conference hosted by the Luther Academy in Argentina
saw more than 75 pastors receive recently translated and
published Pastoral Care Companions with prayers and
Scripture readings for the sick, the depressed, those suffering
the recent death of a loved one and many other moments of
crisis in one’s life. In addition to this, each pastor received a
communion kit from the LWML and were led through the
teaching and practice of visiting those in need of the Lord’s
presence through bread and wine, His body and blood. Many of
these pastors were overjoyed at this teaching and encouraged to
have both the means (kits) and the teaching brought to them
again in being provided the tools to properly serve the Lord’s
Through the offering of more than 50 theological conferences in
the past 5 years, Luther Academy encourages national pastors
throughout Latin America. Each year ten conferences, taught by
pastors and professors from Latin America and the U.S., are
held in countries like Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala,
Panama and Paraguay that cover a variety of topics depending
on the needs of the local pastors.