Africa Projects

The top priority projects may all be found by clicking here.

The Bernhard Seter Scholarship for the Theological Education of Pastors, Evangelists  and Deaconesses Africa Give Now
Worship Structure Tin Roofs Africa
Water Projects Africa
Bibles for Africa Africa
Africa Alliance Missionaries Africa
Agricultural Project Consultancy East Africa
Missionary Professional Development Africa
Church Governance Development, Training & Scholarships Africa
Refugee Word and Sacrament Ministry Africa
Mission Opportunities Africa
Theological Education-Books, Materials, Visiting Profs. Africa
Member Care Africa
Mission Training Centers Africa
Books, Resources & Translation Africa
Local Church Leadership Development and Care Africa
Hunger, Famine & Drought Relief Africa
Motorcycles for Evangelists Africa
Africa Field Office Africa
International Student Matongo Scholarships Africa
Deaconess Scholarships East Africa
Council Union Alliance Meetings Africa
Francophone Professional and Linguistic Studies Francophone
Francophone Expatriate Guest Professors Francophone
Media Ministry Africa
Medical Outreach Africa
Foro Partnership Coordination Africa
CLETCO Seminary Operations Congo-Brazzaville
EECMY-Mekane Yesus Seminary Ethiopia
EECMY Invitationals to LCMS Events Ethiopia
EELC Seminary Ethiopia
EECMY Alliance Missionary Africa
ELCG Seminary Ghana
CLET-Guinea Seminary Operations Guinea
Hospital and Prison Ministry Guinea
ELCK Project 24 Construction Kenya
Christ’s Care for Children:Kenya Kenya
ELCK Matongo Seminary Kenya
ELCK Matongo Deaconess Projects Kenya
CLCMS Worship Structure Matching Funds Malawi
CLCMS Mission Opportunities Malawi Give Now (click to open)
Mozambique-Angola Projects Mozambique
LCN Seminary Nigeria
School Benches-CELCCO Boma Republic of Congo
CELTS Seminary Operations Sierra Leone
LTS Seminary Pretoria South Africa
ELCSS-S Yambio Seminary South Sudan
LCEA St. Peter’s Seminary – Himo Tanzania
CLET Seminary Operations Togo
LCU Seminary – Magamaga Uganda
LCU Church Worker Support Fund Uganda