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Oliver (Taiwan) Video News – April 2024

Dear Prayer Partners, This episode of MISSION POSSIBLE has a double meaning: the tea we love to drink and TEA (Theological Education in Asia). Enjoy:  

From Steve Oliver (Taiwan) About the Earthquake

Thanks to everyone for the outpouring of care and concern regarding the big earthquake in Taiwan today. We are all ok. The damage, death and injuries happened on the other side of the island, quite far away from us. The most updated news I just saw reports that it was a 7.4 magnitude earthquake on the East side of Taiwan…

Oliver (Taiwan) Update – Mar2024

  At Easter the power of the Resurrection is revealed, and in this episode of MISSION: POSSIBLE you can see some of that fruit in CHINA! Pass this on to others this Easter as I hope you enjoy a little bit of humor in the scene from Tombstone, Arizona as we think of the change made by Ole’ Missionary Gary…

Oliver Video Message (Praying for Servant Leaders) – March 2024

In this video message, Steve travels to and around St. Louis and speaks about leaders serving Jesus at the International Center, Lutheran Hour Ministries, the LWLM, Concordia Seminary-St. Louis, and Concordia Historical Institute.  Let’s pray for our leaders in St. Louis! Our mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is possible with good leadership, led by the Lord, and…

Olivers (Taiwan) Send New Year Greetings

Happy New Year from the Olivers in Taiwan: Gary (14), Stephen, Ginny (12), Isaac (16), and Maggie.   Thanks for your prayer and care!   Enjoy MISSION POSSIBLE 4 –

Oliver (Taiwan) Update – December 2023

Thanks for your prayers for Grandma (AhMa)! Her surgery went well and she has been recovering and returning to her normal life well. We were able to pray with her and share God’s care for her, so continue to pray for her follow-up visits with the doctors and for her to believe in Christ.   Here is “Mission: Possible 3”…

Oliver (Taiwan) Update – December 2023

OLIVER-Dec2023pdf.pdf Click icon to open, read, download or print file.   Dear Prayer Partners, With this newsletter, I’m also launching my new video (film) series, MISSION POSSIBLE! You can access MP #1 here for home, church and school use:   Enjoy the newsletter and video, and remember that “All things are possible with God!” (Mark 10:27) Steve

Oliver (Taiwan) Important Update – August 2022

Dear Prayer Partners, Thanks for your prayers! I have accepted our Mission’s new call for us to move to our Asia mission headquarters in Chiayi to help start our own new seminary. While this seems way out of reach now, we accept this calling in faith, faith that looks forward to what GOD WILL DO! Ever grateful for 22 great…

Oliver (Taiwan) Update – August 2022

Prayer Partners, Gary and I went back to the US for a short period of home service this summer, including Mission Central, being speaker at the Iowa West LWML convention, a visit to some churches and my parents home. My parents, Gary and I all got Covid but with light symptoms, including my 86-year-old father who has a heart condition…

Oliver (Taiwan) Update – April 2022

Luther-on-War.docx Click icon to open, read, download or print file. 基督徒是否能支持戰爭?.docx Click icon to open, read, download or print file. Dear Prayer Partners, Resurrection power is alive in us through faith in Christ Jesus! What a strength and comfort in the midst of a world filled with so much evil! We are doing well and very thankful to you for…

Oliver (Taiwan) – October Update

Dear Prayer Partners, A few days ago, I was driving my children to school and while stopped at the stoplight before their school, we noticed the scrambling of Taiwan fighter jets in the sky as they vectored off to the West. There is a major air base near their school. Later that day, I heard on the news that a…


Oliver_Taiwan_Jan2021.pdf Click icon to open, read, download or print file. Dear Prayer Partners,   President Samuel Liu is leaving in June to be president of China Evangelical Seminary in Los Angeles and I have accepted the position of Director of the Luther Studies Graduate School. See the attached newsletter for more, and take a look at my new website (which…


Dear Prayer Partners,   After a year in the U.S. for home service, study, and guest instructor service, we’ve returned to Taiwan. Today is our first day of freedom after completing 14 days of quarantine. See our newsletter attached.   Thank you for your prayers and all your encouragement and support!

Oliver – Up Front Video Dear Mission Central, I made this special thanks & mission work summary video for long-time and new Mission Central supporters (click on the YouTube link above). If it all possible, could it be put up front on the Oliver spot on the Mission Central website? That way people can get a brief look at what they are supporting as…

Oliver_Taiwan_May2020   Dear Prayer Partners,   Click on the above link to receive a 4 minute encouragement from us. We thank God for you and for His provision during lockdown, even as we struggle to keep a daily discipline (often in chaos)!   The Olivers  


A Song For You     Click on the above to see what He has done for us!   Resurrection Blessings to You! The Olivers


Oliver_Taiwan_Mar2020.pdf Click icon to open, read, download or print file. Dear Prayer Partners,   Hope you are all doing well in this pandemic! We pray for you. Pray for us.   I’ve attached our prayer letter.


  Please see our attached newsletter with news about the Global South, Furlough, and Life in St. Louis.   Thanks for Your Prayers! Oliver_Taiwan_Oct2019.pdf Click icon to download and print file.


What a blessing it was to have our family here…the Dr. Steve Oliver Family from July 25th to July 29th here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  It was a JOY to have them move in and spend these days!  They made themselves at home, did their own cooking and Mission Central was “THEIR HOME”. There were a number of special…