Oliver (Taiwan) Update – August 2022

Prayer Partners,

Gary and I went back to the US for a short period of home service this summer, including Mission Central, being speaker at the Iowa West LWML convention, a visit to some churches and my parents home. My parents, Gary and I all got Covid but with light symptoms, including my 86-year-old father who has a heart condition (had some of the lightest symptoms), but all are recovered, healthy and strong now.

Pray for me as the mission has asked me to finish my teaching here at the end of this coming school year, leave China Lutheran Seminary and move two hours south to Chiayi into “The Luther Building” which is our Asia mission headquarters building, to support the plans for a new seminary there. We will make our decision with God’s help within the next two weeks.

Stephen & Family

Photo: My parents, Gary and I quarantined together with covid this past summer (It was great to be with them!).