Dapaong Lutheran Day School

Dapaong Lutheran Day School – Togo October 2018 Update

An update on what’s been happening at the Dapaong Lutheran Day School in Togo. (Photos/Valerie Stonebreaker) Kokou, who lives in the compound and is one of the ‘kids’, moving one of the school benches.   The clèss of sixieme, which would be like 7th grade in the US. The class of cinquième. There were only 4 students early yesterday morning,…

Dapaong Lutheran Day School – Togo

Praise be to God for the progress that has been made on the new Lutheran day school in Dapaong, Togo since the ground breaking on April 24. Photos/Valerie Stonebreaker

Dapong Lutheran Day School – Togo April 2018 Update

  When I first arrived here, in January of 1998, I the school teacher for the children of other Lutheran missionaries, including the children of Rev. Gary Schulte and his wife Stephanie.  However, after several years, most of the families with children left Togo, and I began teaching English in a Togolese high school.  It was this change from teaching…