Dapaong Lutheran Day School – Togo October 2018 Update

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An update on what’s been happening at the Dapaong Lutheran Day School in Togo. (Photos/Valerie Stonebreaker)

Kokou, who lives in the compound and is one of the ‘kids’, moving one of the school benches.
  The clèss of sixieme, which would be like 7th grade in the US.
The class of cinquième.
There were only 4 students early yesterday morning, but parents and students have been coming to enroll since then. There will be school uniforms. .. just working on getting funds for these.
The class of 5eme only has 2 students for now. . .but they will continue on. Perhaps by next week a few more will join. There were 5 the first day, but then they learned there were places at the public school so they went there.
The table benches in 6eme have desk tops today.
Here are all of the table-bancs. . .finished at last!
This is the latrine area. The cement dal was finished on Wednesday or Thursday. The bricks are made for the walls. .. just waiting for the cement to dry.