Zion Lutheran from Atlantic, Iowa comes to Mission Central
















It was later in the afternoon, but that allowed the students to get out of school and get together and come to visit Mission Central.  Yes, the students and Adults from Zion Lutheran Church of Atlantic, Iowa came under the direction of Rob and Lori Ullrich and Pastor Ken Davidson.  What a JOY to welcome these young missionaries.

They enjoyed the full tour of the chapel, where we began with prayer, and then a tour of the office where they were shown the 5 parts of the world famous picture of “Sallman’s Head of Christ” painting in Gary’s office.

Then they saw the Ministry Center and the pictures, and then to the Creation Theater, where they heard the real story of Creation and how the Lord provided protection for the animals and Noah and his family in the Flood.  From there the group went up to the barn, where “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us!”

One of the 6th Grade young missionaries said, “Missionary Gary, I will never, never forget this trip…it taught me so much!”

Here you see this special group in front of the sign, in the Creation Theater and dressed up in the barn.  It was a day they will long, long remember.