Young missionaries come from York, Nebraska

A NORMAL young couple with 3 little children just couldn’t take a Thursday and drive to a place in the middle of nowhere in the hills of Western Iowa….to an old set of farm buildings….that just doesn’t happen with Normal people!

HOWEVER, we have found that the Lord CALLS NOT NORMAL people to HIS Mission Central at “just the right time”.  That was certainly the case with Missionaries Pieter and Kelley Grobler from York, Nebraska!  They brought their 3 wonderful little children, Parker, Olivia and Ava and those children were so well behaved!  This family enjoyed their trip to the 6th day of Creation in the new Lord’s Creation Theater, and then up to the barn where they saw artifacts from around the world!

It was such a blessing to find out that Kelly’s grandparents are long, long, long time friends, Lavern and Eloise Bartels from Tecumseh, Nebraska and then we understood why they were NOT NORMAL!  These have been such special friends and encouragers over the years!

Here you see this dear special young family in front of our Boss here at HIS Mission Central!