Wedding in the Barn at Mission Central













When we hauled out 21 loads of manure out of the old barn at the Lord’s Mission Central, did we ever in our wildest dreams think that our dear friends Danica and Garrett Zink would be married in that building.

But, the Lord works in amazing ways!  On June 16th the barn was absolutely filled with guests and Danica Kafton and Garrett Zink were married by Pastor Moore, who came from such a long, long way to preform the wedding.  It was a warm day, but it was Danica’s dream to be married here at her Mission Central.

Danica Kafton, the daughter of Tim Kafton came out with her dad and helped in the building of our Ministry Center, and also came out and worked putting on sheets of steel on our new Creation Theater.  She saw what God can do with an old set of farm buildings.

What a blessing to welcome all the families and friends on this special day.  Here you see some of the guests, the wedding being preformed, but what was great for all of us this newly married couple wanted their picture taken with our Boss here in the office at the Lord’s Mission Central.  What a blessing to have this wonderful Christian couple say their marriage vows here in the barn at Mission Central!!!