Wayside Chapel wedding on September 15th


When Mikayla Snow was just a little girl, her Mom, Tammy Snow, brought her to Mission Central and she saw the little wayside prayer chapel.  She never forgot and her real dream was to someday be married in the little Wayside Prayer Chapel at the Lord’s Mission Central.

That’s exactly what happened at 6:30PM on September 15th, 2018.  Mikayla’s dream came true and she and Zachary Doyle were united in Holy Marriage in the little chapel.  Pastor Ron from Sioux City came and preformed the ceremony, and it was “just perfect”.  Yes, Mikayla and Zach were joined by a small group of their family and friends, and here you see this special group and the service that was provided.

It’s amazing to realize that we are averaging 5 people a day to stop and pray at this MIRACLE chapel!!!