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Warren Family Newsletter

Octovber 2019


Welcome to Fall 2019.  We hope and pray you are doing well.  Here are the latest updates from our family and within the Latin America mission



Ordination Day


We just celebrated the ordination of Yban who was called to be a Pastor of the church we attend in the Dominican Republic, Cordero de Dios.  Yban is the third Dominican Pastor ordained in the Dominican Republic.  All five congregations gathered together to celebrate the occasion and there were about 300 people in attendance.  What a joyous occasion.



The Dominican Foro

Please continue to pray for the Dominican mission and the partners God has brought to support the missionaries and Dominican local leaders. 






A New School Year at the Seminary


The seminary school year has begun and we have welcomed new students to the seminary. Blake gave an overview of mission work throughout the Latin America Region during the seminary student orientation.

This past August we gathered together as a region for study, fellowship, and rest.  Please keep our Latin American Region in your prayers.



Compartiendo Los Salmos: Sharing the Psalms


Lizz worked with fellow missionary and Deaconess Christel Nuendorf on a devotion and prayer card project that has been shared in different places throughout the region.  Read more about this ministry on the Visual Faith Website.




Este es mi Iglesia

Iglesia Luterana Cordero de Dios
Our church now has a well!  This summer the church worked to get a well dug so we would have running water on a more regular basis.

Lizz reflects on missionaries leaving the field.  Read her thoughts on this unique aspect of mission life by clicking the link below. 




Es la Vida
snapshots of our life


The girls are in full swing of the new school year.  We have also had an incredibly hot summer.  So to live with the heat we have coped with froyo outings.  Abby is wrapping up her confirmation classes this month and looks forward to being confirmed on Reformation day. Jo is walking, climbing, and wants to be a big girl just like her sisters.








Keep Us In Your Prayers
"Be gracious to me and hear my prayer!" Psalm 4:1


  • Thanksgiving for God’s continued grace, forgiveness, and protection in our lives.
  • Thanksgiving for partners who allow us to continue to serve our Lord in the Dominican Republic with their financial and prayer support for our family. 
  • For the health and safety of our family and all missionaries in the field.
  • For Blake’s upcoming travels.
  • For Lizz and the girls in their school year and study Spanish.
  • For the missionaries raising funds and preparing to deploy for service.
  • That God continues to bring partners to support our missionaries and projects throughout the region.
  • For continued strength and renewal as we face challenges both big and small.

We are humbled by your desire to partner with us and we thank you.

To support the LCMS through the work of Blake Warren, you may send a tax-deductible gift to:

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Make checks payable to The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.  Include "Warren- Latin America" in the memo line

Gifts can also be given securely online through the LCMS website at

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*photo credit Seminary graduation:  Johanna Heidorn 

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