Volunteer staff at Mission Central


How in the world do you take a picture of about 100 people in front of a barn in the middle of nowhere in the hills of Western Iowa?

The Lord can send a volunteer professional photographer from Ames, Iowa and he can come and get the job done!  That’s exactly what happened on July 14th, 2018 at Mission Central!  Volunteer Missionary Photographer the Honorable Dr. Ken Dunker came and was able to complete an entire picture of the entire group of Volunteers in front of the barn at the Lord’s Mission Central!

We wanted you to all see the people that God has called from all backgrounds, and all walks of life to have the privilege of being a part of God’s MISSION!  Here you see Missionary Dunker with our wonderful, special co-worker, Young Missionary Brent Smith with our Boss in the background, and the work of art that Ken completed, in the picture of all the volunteers in front of the Lord’s barn at HIS Mission Central.