Volunteer cleaners come to Mission Central for the day!



May 7th was one of those very, very special days when 12 Volunteers came from Iowa and Nebraska to help with the cleaning here at the Lord’s Mission Central!

It was such a special day, and it began in the barn with an opening devotion and special prayer.

Under the direction of Pat and Ruth Nicolaus from Seward and Blue Hill, Nebraska this special team worked together to provide the labor necessary to provide the “Spring Cleaning” of the barn museum.  These dear helpers worked so hard and were done in record time.  They came from Schleswig, Mapleton, and Denison, Iowa to help!!!

Zola Kafton was kind enough to supply a lunch for all the workers, and here you see the entire group in front of our Mission Central Banner in our Ministry Center.  A special presentation was given by Old Missionary Gary at noon time on the work of our dear Missionaries in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, Dr. Martin and Marie Dicke.