Vice President of the Gary and Maxine Thies Mission Foundation visits Mission Central

What a blessing to welcome the Honorable Missionary Pastor Brad Birtell of Columbus, Nebraska to the World Famous Mission Central!  Pastor Birtell is the Senior Pastor of St. John Lutheran Church a rural congregation located 10 miles north of Columbus, Nebraska.  This congregation is truly NOT NORMAL!  This congregation is truly “exploding” for the Lord Jesus.

Pastor Birtell came for a visit to Mission Central on February 3rd, 2020, and brought a group of men from his flock for a special tour of this MIRACLE PLACE!

Brad is the Vice President of the Gary and Maxine Thies Mission Foundation, and he would be the President of the Foundation when the Good Lord calls Old Missionary Gary to his real home.  Pastor Birtell has an excellent knowledge of the rural and farm community and has an excellent background in farms and farming.  His leadership would provide an assurance that the work of the Lord’s Mission Central of sending missionaries will continue for many years in the future.

We thank the Lord for sending leaders like Rev. Brad Birtell to be a part of the MOST IMPORTANT WORK IN THE WHOLE WORLD…TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT JESUS!