What a JOY and blessing to welcome some very, very, very “NOT NORMAL” people to Mission Central on July 8th, 2023 from Rock Rapids, Iowa.

God sent LeRoy and Verla Fick, our special volunteer carpenters and helpers in 2003, which was 20 years ago.  Yes, when old Missionary Gary spoke at the Lutheran Church in Rock Rapids, there the Lord put special missionaries, LeRoy and Verla Fick to be present with so many special people.  God meant for us to be together, but the members of that congregation WENT INTO ACTION to help repair and work on the buildings at Mission Central at “just the right time”.

The folks from Peace Lutheran Church came alive and provided the help, repair and remodeling to create the Wayside Prayer Chapel and the special new storage shed next to the Barn Museum.

God called the Fick Family to help at “just the right time”!  Here you see LeRoy and Verla Fick, who brought their son and his wife and the grandson of LeRoy and Verla to see what God can do in the middle of nowhere with an old set of farm buildings.  Their picture is taken in Old Missionary Gary’s office with our Boss in the background. It was a very special day and the family enjoyed the full tour of the facilities that God allowed them the privilege of helping to build and establish.  We will never forget this special day.