It truly was a special afternoon that the Lord has especially arranged.  Old Missionary Gary was in the office and Mission Central for a meeting that the Lord had all arranged at “just the right time”.  

What an absolute JOY to welcome the 10 year veteran missionary from the darkest country in all of South America, the country of Uruguay.  Yes, Rev. James Sharp came and what a blessing it was to have a long, long private visit with this dear missionary that has been such a hard working special missionary to open the work in this land of darkness, which has the fewest number of Christians in all of South America.  God sent this family 10 years ago, and has blessed this work in such a wonderful way!

Rev. Sharp and his dear wife, Angela are some of our closest friends, and Angie’s family is from Denison, Iowa, where she grew up and attended all of her elementary education at Zion Lutheran School there in Denison, Iowa.  It was one of those very, very special days, and here you have the photo of dear Pastor Sharp.