Uruguay-Montevideo Mission

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Supports church-planting in Montevideo, Uruguay
Lays groundwork for future Lutheran University
Supports a downtown mission center

The South American nation of Uruguay is an important missionfield,
being the most atheist nation in the western hemisphere, and
home to one of the highest depression and suicide rates in the
world. The extremely secular nation has been the home of a single
Lutheran congregation for nearly 100 years, and joint mission
efforts between Brazilian, Uruguayan, and American Lutherans are
working to reach the population of this country.
The LCMS works together with partners at a Foro in order to
accomplish the joint mission goals of the Lutheran Church of
Uruguay. Efforts are underway to establish a Lutheran University
in Montevideo, connected with the already enormously successful
St. Paul’s Lutheran School. Meanwhile, LCMS missionaries are
both engaged in the school and in church planting efforts in the
downtown area of Montevideo, working hand in hand with
Lutheran Hour Ministries and the Lutheran Church of Uruguay.
This project is to help cover the expenses of a mission center in the
downtown Montevideo area. The center is used both for worship
and for outreach activities.