Two old missionary friends called home














In this “journey” we call life the things that really matter are the people we have the privilege of knowing and meeting along the way!  The older I get, Old Missionary Gary knows this to be so true!

In my life journey, Old Missionary Gary has had the honor and privilege of meeting some of the most WONDERFUL people who are truly “peculiar” 1st Peter 2:9 KJV!   Yes, the Lord wants us to be NOT NORMAL…people in this world.

Two of the most not normal people that he has ever met were called home in the last several months….yes, two very, very, very, very dear friends in Christ, who truly were NOT NORMAL, because Jesus truly lived in their hearts.  They were NOT like other people of this world they were in the world but not of the world.  They “thought differently” and they responded differently.  What a huge encouragement they were for Old Missionary Gary.  They are both now with Jesus and waiting for us.  Their STRONG FAITH was indeed an example for all of us.

Ken Reiner was the first to have the privilege of being called to our real home in heaven, and several months later Duane Summerer was called to be with his friend Jesus and his earthly friend, Ken Reiner.  Both great students of God’s word…the Bible.  They both loved Bible Study, and they also had a great friendship.  Ken was a missionary in Africa for many years, and Duane was a real “Missionary on the Farm” in Nebraska….

We wanted to send you a special picture of these dear friends in Christ, and they are waiting for us, and what a HAPPY REUNION that will be when we get to see Ken and Duane again.  Old Missionary Gary loved them so much, and that’s one of the reasons he has been able to keep on going for all these years.  When Old Missionary Gary grows up he wants to be EXACTLY like his friends Ken and Duane!