Two Not Normal people from Sioux City, Iowa and Laurel, Nebraska


Don Herbold has been a friend of old Missionary Gary for many, many years dating back to his days as President of the Mapleton Trust & Savings Bank at Mapleton, Iowa.

Don Herbold is a member of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, and he wanted to come and visit Mission Central and bring his special life long friend, Don Dahlquist from Laurel, Nebraska.

On December 14th, 2018, totally unannounced these two special NOT NORMAL missionaries arrived at our office door, and what a blessing to see them both.

They were able to enjoy a tour of the new Lord’s Creation Theater, and also to see the contents of the Barn Museum.

Here you see these two special NOT NORMAL Missionaries, with Don Herbold on the left and Don Dahlquist on the right of the picture that was taken in our office with our Boss in the background.