Two new missionaries come to Mission Central

What a JOY and blessing to welcome our two new missionaries that are going to the Dominican Republic and to Germany!  Yes, on June 10th, both Cortney Zalmanoff, who is scheduled to leave for the Dominican Republic, where she will be telling people about Jesus, and also, Rev. Steve Braun, who will be working with the thousands of refugees and immigrants, that are pouring into Germany!

These two young missionaries spent the entire day in training, study, and review of their presentations.  We were able to get their “trademark” photos taken and do interviews with them and complete their 6 minute DVD interviews.

It was a special day, and now we must pray that the Lord will indeed “raise up” HIS special NOT NORMAL people to pray for them and support these new missionaries so that they can go and tell people in darkness about our dear Savior Jesus.