What a blessing to have two new Christian friends stop to visit the Lord’s Mission Central on April 5th, 2022!

The Honorable Tim Mahoney, President of First Land Service, Inc. pictured on the left of our picture, and The Honorable Jerhamy Serrano, Contractor for NextEra Energy on the right of the picture. These two young men didn’t have a clue what they were going to experience on their visit to see Old Missionary Gary!

They were kind enough to take some time and see what the Lord can do with an old set of farm buildings in the middle of nowhere! Tim told of the physical struggle his family member Cheryl was going through in regards to a real problem with her kidney…and that Tim will be going to donate a kidney to this dear Cheryl. Would you please join with me in praying for Cheryl and the transplant would be successful, and that the Lord would provide the healing that can only come from HIS hand.

Our Jesus sent these men at “just the right time”. What a blessing to have NEW friends like these dear Christian Missionaries.