Special Thrivent Agent comes to Mission Central















Many people ask, “How do you folks at Mission Central get all the work done, and how can you go hour after hour?”  The answer to that is really quite simple.  THE LORD SENDS US SPECIAL NOT NORMAL PEOPLE TO HELP AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME!

One of our 98 Volunteer Staff members is the Honorable Missionary Darin W. Hagerdon.  This young man has been one of the greatest helps to us here at the Lord’s Mission Central.

Darin, without question is the greatest Thrivent Agent we could have ever been given to help carry out our work here for the Lord Jesus at Mission Central.  Old Missionary Gary has known this man ever since he was born.  He has assisted us with events here and has been MORE THAN HELPFUL in explaining programs, investments, and amazing financial tools that can truly help so many individuals and families.

Each month MISSION CENTRAL receives wonderful LARGE gifts that are directed to MISSION CENTRAL through the special “Thrivent Choice Dollars Program”.  Thousands of Thrivent Members direct their gifts here and every single penny of their gifts go DIRECTLY TO SUPPORT our missionaries to keep them in lands of darkness telling so many about the Good News of our Lord Jesus!  Each one of those members receives a personal letter from Mission Central along with a copy of an adoption agreement showing exactly where their Choice Dollars have gone to support a family.  A picture of that family is included and not one penny of those gifts goes for the operations of Mission Central.

Darin is truly one of our NOT NORMAL volunteers, and this man really “knows his stuff”.  If you are searching for some financial answers, we hope you will contact our dear friend and Volunteer, Darin W. Hagerdon at 712-253-0565, and his e-mail is:   He is a special man who really “gets it”.