Three “Not Normal” people visit Mission Central

The next time you drive through Carroll, Iowa, you might keep in mind that there are three very, very, very NOT NORMAL people that live in that community!  Yes, on Saturday the 29th of February these three NOT NORMAL people came to visit the world famous Mission Central.  They are members of St. Paul Lutheran Church there in Carroll, Iowa.  This is the congregation being served by the Honorable Missionaries Rev. Robert Riggert and Rev. John Schauer.

Here in the office at Mission Central in Gary’s Office you will see Missionary Lew Orcutt, Missionary Belinda Richards and on the right is Missionary Zander Richards all in front of the Picture of our Boss.
These folks came for a special tour of the entire facilities and they were sworn is as missionaries for the rest of their lives.  Each of these missionaries received their special missionary cross and special Bible materials for their work that they are called to do to tell others about Jesus our Savior.

I don’t think that 11 year old Zander Richards will ever, ever forget his trip to this MIRACLE PLACE!