Three brother pastors come to Mission Central

This story began over 24 years ago!  Yes, that long ago, a much younger Missionary Gary came to visit Rev. James Moll the pastor at St. Peter Lutheran Church at Deshler, Nebraska.  We had never, never met, but the Lord told Rev. James Moll not to be afraid of this NOT NORMAL layman from Iowa who came and asked to speak at the congregation.  That was the beginning of this story!

Pastor James Moll then told his brothers, Rev. Donald Moll of Batavia, Illinois about this Mission Central, and what a JOY to speak in that congregation, and when Rev. Robert and Penny Moll heard from Rev. James Moll about Mission Central, they too wanted to be part of this ministry from out near Chicago, Illinois.  That’ show this story all started, and what a JOY to have the sincere help, prayers, support and friendship of the three MOLL BROTHER PASTORS AND THEIR DEAR WIVES.

On July 7th, these 3 pastor brothers came together at the Lord’s Mission Central and what a blessing to have them come and see what God can do in the middle of a nowhere in the hills of western Iowa with an old set of farm buildings!  It was indeed a “once in a lifetime happy reunion”.