The Warren family comes to Mission Central from the Dominican Republic

God uses all kinds of people to get HIS work done.  He can use lay people with accounting backgrounds to do HIS work!  Yes, one of the fine Regional Business Mangers from Latin America who takes care of the dollars and cents that God provides for our missionaries in that region is the Honorable Missionary Dr. Blake Warren and his dear family.

For the very first time Blake and his dear wife Elizabeth came with their 3 girls to come and visit this MIRACLE PLACE on July 7th, 2018.  It allowed this family to see what God can do in the middle of nowhere, with an old set of farm buildings and 102 Volunteers!  It’s so hard for people to understand and realize how the Lord is using HIS Mission Central.

Blake came with his wonderful family, and they spent the entire day, and what a JOY!  We had such a great, great group of people from all over the entire United States who came that day to pray for and send Blake and his family back to the Dominican Republic and they had the privilege of meeting Rev. Carl Hanson, our wonderful veteran Missionary from Hong Kong, who has given his life to the Chinese people and the people of Asia, and also the Wasmund Family from Korea….and so it was that all THREE of these families we prayed for and sent back to their “calling”.

Here you see the Warren Family in front of our Boss here at Mission Central and also the photo of the entire group that had the privilege of praying for and sending these missionaries, Blake Warren and his family, Rev. Carl Hanson and the Wasmund Family.  What a special, special day for the work of missions for the dear Lord Jesus! Here you see our dear long, long, long time veteran missionary Rev. Carl Hanson presenting to the people and he made us all cry!  He is one of the most “God Like” sincere missionaries that we have on the field.