The reason the Lord’s Mission Central is able to function is because THE LORD SENDS SPECIAL PEOPLE AT “JUST THE RIGHT TIME”!

This has been a dry and windblown year here at Mission Central, and in our old barn museum, this past year we have experienced so, so much wind and dust! How are we ever going to keep all the artifacts and museum pieces in the Barn Museum clean and the floors, lights, walls, pews all so that they don’t become covered with dirt and dust? The only way is to have the Lord send special “Cleaning Volunteers”.

That was the case, when God sent these wonderful people from all over the area. Ruth and Pat Nicolaus drove nearly 3 hours from Seward, Nebraska to get here on Tuesday the 25th of October to spend the time cleaning the barn, and we had folks from Mapleton, Schleswig and Denison, Iowa who have been so faithful to help with the cleaning in the Spring and the Fall. Here you see this special group of “Cleaning Missionaries”…in front of our altar in the Barn Museum.

It was a tough job, but the Lord sent the right people and our faithful Volunteer cook from Mapleton, Iowa, Missionary Zola Kafton came and prepared a wonderful noon meal for us! Here you see Zola with Maxine Thies in the attached picture. Zola and Wayne Kafton have been special helpers for over 20 years here at the Lord’s Mission Central! It was a special day, and what a JOY to have this “tough job” completed and now it is sparkling clean and ready to welcome the thousands of tour groups that come to this MIRACLE PLACE! We thank God for the Lord sending these dear and special helpers!