The Lord uses all kinds of people and gifts for His work!


We will always remember November 1st, 2018 here at the Lord’s Mission Central!  Yes, because that was the day that the Lord sent Jim and Cindy Nelson to come and bring an amazing gift of love for the operations of HIS work here at HIS Mission Central!

Missionaries Jim and Cindy Nelson are members at Trinity Lutheran Church at Creston, Iowa and they brought their special gift all this way to deliver 870 pounds of wonderful beef.

Because of dear friends like Jim and Cindy, we can provide special meals for our guests here at the Lord’s Mission Central and NOT have to charge anything for the meals.  What an encouragement for all of us here and what a wonderful blessing for our volunteer cooks that work so hard to provide the meals for the thousands of visitors that come to this MIRACLE PLACE!

Here you see Jim and Cindy in front of our Boss and also helping Maxine to unload the meat into one of the 5 freezers that we have at Mission Central.  Thank you Jim and Cindy for being NOT NORMAL!!!!!