The power of the Lord’s Mission Central TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY rests on the backs of our dear Volunteers!  Never did we think that the Lord would send us 101 volunteers!  Yes, the Lord has sent us some of the MOST WONDERFUL folks who are indeed NOT NORMAL.


After old Missionary Gary spoke in Sioux City, and special lady called and asked if we could use her volunteer service.  She indicated she didn’t mind driving down from Sioux City, but truly felt called to help at the Lord’s Mission Central.


After some training by our Secretary Pam Kovarna, who has been so faithful to help us for 17 years here….our new Volunteer Secretary, the Honorable Missionary Judy Seaman has joined our Staff!  We told Judy that if she worked hard and did well we were planning on TRIPLING her salary…!!!!!


Here you see Judy in front of our Boss here at Mission Central.  What a blessing to have this type of special people, that God has called.