Special coin and collection missionary visits Mission Central

Over the years at Mission Central we have had so many, many unusual gifts of love that have been donated….yes to be given to our dear LCMS Missionaries….from cars to buses to stamps and coins and collections of all kinds.  The Lord sent us a special helper who has helped us so many times with purchasing these items.  The Lord sends the right people at the right place at “just the right time” to do HIS work!

Just this week had a wonderful Christian friend who donated a collection of his coins to our missionaries and the call went out to Sioux City, Iowa to the Honorable Missionary Mr. John Jackson, the owner of J & J Coins, and he has been in this business since 1996 full time and has offices in Storm Lake, Bellevue, Nebraska and Sioux City, Iowa!

John came down and purchased the coin collection and every penny of this gift went to help keep our dear missionaries telling people about Jesus in the lands of darkness, where they haven’t heard about our Easter Savior.

John and his wife Lori are Christian members of the Catholic Church and they have been an encouragement to the work here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  Here you see John in our “trademark” position in front of John’s Boss and Ours too!