St. John of Columbus, Nebraska visits Mission Central


It was one of those very, very special days, when the special group of NOT NORMAL men arrived at Mission Central from the famous St. John Lutheran Church located 10 miles north of Columbus, Nebraska on February 3rd, 2020!

This special group arrived at 3:00PM on a Monday afternoon, and spent several hours seeing what the Lord can do with an old set of farm buildings in the middle of the hills of Western Iowa! This group was led by their NOT NORMAL pastor, Rev. Brad Birtell, who drove the van over to Iowa to make this special trip.

This group of men were able to begin their tour in the little wayside prayer chapel, with a special prayer, and then visited the offices and then proceeded to the Ministry Center, the Lord’s Creation Theater, and finally the Barn Museum. It was a day that these dear men will never forget!

Here you see this special group in the office with our Boss in the background. For these men to take the time to come all the way to Mission Central from Columbus, Nebraska on a Monday afternoon, was a great encouragement to Old Missionary Gary!