Each year in April and September, the Lord calls a special group of people.  This group for years has come to do the cleaning in the barn museum.  It is such a blessing to have them come, and this year it was planned for May 3rd, 2022.

Yes, after the crazy virus stuff, they were able to come and clean for barn for special events that will be happening during the year.  In the pictures you will see some of the cleaning equipment that was used to completely clean, dust, scrub, and clean the entire museum.  Such a blessing in light of the up-coming events and activities.

The group came together from Ricketts, Schleswig, Denison, and Seward, Nebraska!  What a blessing to welcome the group of 14 special helpers.

Here you can see our meal director, Zola Kafton, standing next to all the workers as she again helped provide the food and meal preparation of the hungry group that worked so faithfully.  Good times, good conversation and what a shiny barn that just “sparkled” when the group was done.  God sends special people at “just the right time”.