On June 1st, 2024, it will be 30 years that the Lord has allowed Mission Central to exist.  In that time frame of all those years the Lord gave us special friends to help us on our “CALLIING”!  
Jesus sent Darwin and Sharon Hamann to be such special helpers in that time frame!  All these years they have been so faithful and helpful!  On Monday, Memorial Day, this special couple “came to the rescue again, and Darwin and Sharon helped with a HUGE JOB.  For the last two years, we have not been able to travel to Old Missionary Gary’s fishing pond!  The work load has been so heavy at Mission Central.  However, on this Memorial Day, these special friends came to help with the “job of mowing the area of Mission Central’s Fishing Pond”.  
Yes, the grass all about 30 inches tall and we never thought we would even be able to mow it….but Darwin was kind enough to get their big John Deere lawn mower from their home in Anthon, Iowa and came was able to complete the entire job of mowing and returning the area to such a beautiful location!  
The Lord always sends the “right people at the right place at just the right time”.  It was a day we will never forget!  We even had time to catch some fish at this special location.  Darwin and Sharon are truly NOT NORMAL PEOPLE!