After old Missionary Gary spoke at the wonderful congregation at St. Peter Lutheran Church on August 2nd, 2020, the Holy Spirit touched the heart of a very special farm couple.  The congregation has the Honorable Missionary Pastor Rev. Greg Schaffer as the shepherd of this amazing “flock”.

The Spirit called a new volunteer to want to help with HIS work at the Lord’s Mission Central!  Robin Schardt, who for years worked in the banking business, was called to help as a needed Volunteer Mission Typist!  Old Missionary Gary could tell immediately that they were NOT NORMAL, because Robin contacted Mission Central on one day, and the very next day she and her dear husband, Missionary Nathan Schardt drove 3.5 hours to come to Mission Central for intensive typist training.  What a JOY it was to be with Robin and Nathan, and pray with them.  Robin was able to pick up her supplies, and receive her special training from our executive secretary, Missionary Pam Kovarna.

The Schardts had never been to Mission Central, and what an honor to offer them the full tour of this MIRACLE PLACE!
Here you see Robin and Nathan in front of our Boss here in Gary’s Office. We will never forget our wonderful hours that we spent together.  God calls people at “just the right time”!!!!