The reason we have so, so, so many visitors here at the Lord’s Mission Central is because we have never spent ONE PENNY on advertising at this MIRACLE PLACE!

Yes, yes, it’s true….the only kind of advertising we have is what Jesus used…”WORD OF MOUTH”….People tell others about this place in the middle of nowhere and they bring their friends and friendship groups, families, and they want them to experience what they experienced when they came here!  The most common comment from people that come here by the thousands is:….”YA GOTTA SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT”.

On Friday the 21st of October some dear friends from Omaha invited their Christian friends who attend Grace Hill Lutheran Church in Omaha, Nebraska to come with them to see Mission Central, so they arranged this time to come for a special full tour of the entire facilities here.  These new friends, Kent and Susan Bauer were TRULY AMAZED to see what the Lord has done here in the hills of Western Iowa.  These new friends will never forget out time that the Lord arranged for us to be together!

Kent and Susan were happy to have their pictures taken in Old Missionary Gary’s Office with our Boss in the background.  We were able to tell these new friends the story of Sallman’s Head of Christ, and the 5 things hidden in that picture.