What a blessing to welcome Neil Wieland and his special group that came all the way from Kansas to come and visit the world famous MISSION CENTRAL.

Yes, it was such a JOY that NOT NORMAL people from Kansas were willing to come and start so, so early to be here at the World Famous MISSION CENTRAL AT 10:35AM…to be part of the tour of the Creation Theater, the Barn Museum and then to have a special lunch.  Then after the lunch, this group had the privilege and honor of hearing and seeing the pictures and reports of not one, BUT THREE (3)…of our special Missionaries.  Yes, they saw and heard the reports of Rev. Charles and Connie Cortright from St. Petersburg, Russia, and then Rev. Michael Paul and his work in Taiwan, and then Rev. Adam Lehman and his family from Spain.

It was time we will never, never forget.  Here you see in front of the sign the family of the Kansas Group that God sent to encourage us here at the Lord’s Mission Central.