Special guests from Germany and Sioux City come to Mission Central

June 6th, 2019 was a very, very special day for a number of reasons!  First was the fact that it was the very first time we had folks sit in our new 20 foot front padded pew in the Lord’s Creation Theater.  The second was the fact that we had special guests that came all the way from Germany to be here and also our friends from the First United Methodist Church in Sioux City came for a tour also.

Yes, our new padded 20 foot pew came from our friends from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Aurelia, Iowa and these dear folks were the first to try out this new gift for the comfort of our seniors at attend the theater.

What a blessing to welcome the dear friends from Germany that were visiting in our Schleswig, Iowa area and what a JOY to share with them.  Our friends from First United Methodist Church in Sioux City, Iowa was led by Dr. Lonnie Gustafson.  Here you see this group in our Theater, and they enjoyed the new pews, and the barn museum also, as well as a tour of the offices.