What a JOY and blessing to have the privilege and honor of working with very, very NOT NORMAL PASTORS!  When it comes to working with dear pastor friends, it is such an encouragement to work with pastors like the staff and pastors at the new congregation 1-C,  in Columbus, Nebraska!

On October 11th, 2020 Old Missionary Gary had the honor and privilege of speaking at both services at the congregation called 1-C in Columbus, Nebraska!  The attendance was totally amazing and what a JOY to meet a number of people that were attending the services for the very first time, and one 13-year-old girl who had never been inside a church before!

Being able to stay with Vicar Randy and Jana Longacre overnight at their home, and having a special meal with these folks and the Senior Pastor and his wife, Rev. Jim and Kristin Thelen were able to join us.  It was truly a special time to build personal relationships and friendships that will last for all eternity. It was a time we won’t ever forget.

Here you see these folks in the photo taken in 1-C, from left to right, Pastor Thelen, Kristin, Old Missionary Gary, and Randy and Jana Longacre.