The Lord Jesus said, “And, I’ll make you fishers of men!”  Well, things haven’t changed much over all these years!

Pastors are truly “fishers of men” as the Lord indicated, however, there are also fishers of fish yet in the world today.  Here in Iowa we still have pastors that love to fish for fish as well as fishing for men.

The Lord has given old Missionary Gary some very, very close and special fishermen friends!  On the 13th of June these special friends set their lines in the water at a pond near Climbing Hill, Iowa and the Lord blessed their fishing for fish efforts and they brought home a load of wonderful Bass, Blue Gill, and Crappies!

However, these 3 men knew that old missionary Gary loved fresh fish, and what did they do?  They stopped at the Lord’s Mission Central and they brought out their fillet knives and went to work on these fish, and here you see these men working so hard to provide a wonderful gift for Gary and Maxine!   Wow, were they ever good….nothing beats fresh caught fish.

Maybe some of you will know these special fishers of men and fishers of fish!!!!!!