Special birthday for Not Normal people who visited Mission Central


It was a very, very cold day here at Mission Central, and we had a request for a special appointment on the 6th day of December.  A very, very special couple from Council Bluffs, Iowa drove to the world famous Mission Central at 9:35AM.

Yes, it was a special day for Missionaries Aaron and Nancy Goddard, because it was Aarons 80th Birthday, and they wanted to come and celebrate this special day here!

Old Missionary Gary met these dear friends many years ago, and he could tell immediately that they were NOT NORMAL!  How wonderful.  On Aarons 75th birthday he had his picture taken in the barn at Mission Central on that day, and he wanted to have the same thing happen on his 80th Birthday!  What a JOY to see them in front of our barn altar, and to have a special birthday prayer together.  Rev. Brent Smith was a part of this action also, and was able to celebrate with us also.

What a wonderful way to celebrate the 80 years that God has given His servant Aaron Goddard!  We will always remember our time together!!!