Special Bible study group from Ascension Lutheran in Ames, Iowa


What a blessing for old Missionary Gary to go to Ames, Iowa and stay overnight with two very, very NOT NORMAL PEOPLE! Yes, on February 16th the night of the “big snow” in Iowa….Gary was able to travel to stay overnight in the home of Rev. Roger and Cathy Twitto.

It was so much of a blessing that on that Saturday evening, Old Missionary Gary had the honor of meeting with some very, very NOT NORMAL people as a part of their home Bible Study group.

Here you see this special group of people and it was a great honor to share with this group some of the items from the mission fields of China, Papua New Guinea and East Africa.  We were blessed to have a very special young lady to help us display some of the items, as you can see in the picture of the lady from Africa wearing her Sunday morning clothing and also the head of the Dragon from China.

It was a very special time, and what an honor to speak in both services and have the Bible Class as well, on February 17th, 2019 at the famous Ascension Lutheran Church there in Ames, Iowa.  What a wonderful congregation that “really, really gets it”!!! This congregation is reaching out in the community, and also is supporting MANY missionaries.  We thank God for Ascension Lutheran Church!