Schumann Putnam (Dominican Republic) Update – April 2022

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The Fruits of His Word 

The Schumann Putnam Family Newsletter
Easter 2022

Christ is Risen! He has risen indeed! Alleluia! –
Easter greetings to each of you!
We are thankful for you and thankful for our life together in Christ! 

Reflecting on Easter this year, we were reminded that last Easter, Carlos was hospitalized.  March 15th was the one-year anniversary of his heart attack. We celebrated that the Lord spared his life on that day and continues to shower His mercies on us every day. This Holy week, we journeyed with Jesus to His death while contemplating our own, but already celebrating the life eternal we have because Christ took our sin and conquered death.  In His death, we were given life.
We fear not what may come and live in thankful service to Him who holds us in His tender care…and this, all because of Easter!

Deaconess Program  – We are thankful that after over a year of virtual classes, we were able to hold in-person deaconess courses in Guatemala, México, Panamá, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.  A little over 100 women have been studying in the deaconess formation program offered by Concordia Seminary in the Dominican Republic.  They receive theological, biblical, and practical training in the areas of Christian education, spiritual care, and mercy. It will enable them to assist their pastor in the care of people’s physical and spiritual needs in their congregations and reach out to people in the community who do not know Christ.

This spring the students received a Lutheran doctrine course on the Augsburg Confession and loved learning about why they believe what they believe.   Danelle helped to lead and teach the course in the Dominican Republic and traveled to Mexico and Guatemala to teach in March and April. Carlos loves working with the deaconess students and led worship for the conference in the Dominican.

The photo above left is of three deaconess students whose husbands are studying to be pastors in the seminary here in the Dominican Republic. Berkis (left) is from Venezuela, Yudaimy (center) is from Cuba, and Nuria (right) is from Panama.
They have been active in the ministry here and in a year will return to their countries to share the love of Christ alongside their husbands.
It is a blessing to be able to share with women from so many countries.
We are able to see the fruits of His Word all over the world!

Meet Deaconess Student, Cristina
While in Mexico and in Guatemala, Danelle had the chance to meet individually with the women regarding their grades and their time in the program.  The women are so very thankful to have had the opportunity to study.  Cristiana told us, “I have always wanted to study something, but after high school, I never had the chance…until now.  The deaconess program gave me the opportunity to study a vocation and little did I know it is the best vocation I could have: sharing Jesús with people who need Him!”

Cristina also shared that she only liked working with children and had told her pastor she did not want to work with “old people.” But since she started her fieldwork visitation, the Lord has put many elderly people in her life to help.  Cristina shared that she resisted helping to a certain point, but then realized that the Lord wanted to use her in their lives.  She was nervous and did not know what to say or do.  She learned that the Holy Spirit was with her to guide and help her. She was honestly surprised later and laughed at how she loves helping “old people” now and is thankful for the formation that prepared her to do so.  Cristina is looking forward to the last course in May and her graduation from the program.

Serving as a family – With 39 students, Venezuela has the largest group of women studying in the deaconess program.  Pastor Eliezer Mendoza and his deaconess wife, Ginnatriz, borrowed his dad’s car and went on a 3-week road trip with their two toddler daughters and Ginna’s mother to teach the Augsburg Confession course. To economically accommodate such a large group of ladies, they traveled 1400 miles to teach 3 different intensive courses and Ginna’s mother cooked for ladies at the conferences! The whole family was at work sacrificially serving the Lord.   We are thankful for them and their dedication to the Gospel and the formation of women in the program. 

Deaconess student field work
Sisters, Karla and Maricruz, live in the border city of Calexico, CA, and attend church in Mexicali, México.  Along with Mayra, another deaconess student, they have been working with a group of youth in their congregation for the past year, assisting the pastor in teaching them the catechism. On Easter, they were confirmed!
We are thankful for their service!

Luther Academy – In our last newsletter we spoke about the Lutheran Hymnal in Spanish that has been in development for some 10 years.  The hymnal is now available, and Carlos has started organizing conferences in the Latin America and Caribbean region to introduce the hymnal to pastors and musicians. He is looking forward to this time to connect again with many pastors he knows through Lutheran Academy, but has not seen due to the pandemic.  Carlos has also been doing translation work of academic material into Spanish for pastors.

Since January, Carlos has been assisting at Pueblo Nuevo Lutheran Church in Santiago and is enjoying serving the members there.

Please pray for: 
Continued good health for Carlos; Danelle’s upcoming travel to Mexico, Panama, and Guatemala for the deaconess program; for the deaconess students as they share Jesus’ love in their fieldwork and look forward to graduation;
and Carlos’ upcoming travel to for the Hymnal project!

Thank you, in Jesus’ name!

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The Fruits of His Word – April 2022

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