Schaff (Taiwan) Update – October 2021

Dear Friends in Christ,

Thank you to all of you who visited this summer and who attended presentations about Taiwan. I praise God for all of you and your continued prayers, encouragement and support!

I just arrived in Taiwan last night after about 26 hours of travel. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Taiwan’s procedures right now, it is pretty involved. I had a covid test the day before departing. I then also filed forms for the government including proof of my ARC, covid test, and quarantine hotel reservation information. At the airport I was escorted to an area outside with stalls where I was asked to collect 5ml of saliva into a cup for a second test. Finally, I was ushered to a specialized quarantine taxi where my luggage and body were sprayed with disinfectant and was then taken to a hotel.

The hotel is currently being used exclusively for quarantine. The reception informed me of the quarantine rules to take my temperature twice a day, remain in the room with the door closed for 15 days, only opening the door to take food and drop trash outside the door. I am not to step into the hallway. The staff has been very accommodating and friendly so far. I was able to order a few groceries to be delivered. The hotel also delivers their meal choices to each room. Since I will have some down time this next couple of weeks, I am trying to reach out to friends I haven’t written to in a while. You, dear friends, were the first on my list. I will have to give you an update of how things are going next week as well!

On the other end of the island in Chiayi, Andrew continues to be busy with school and church activities.  He has one of his fullest class schedules yet this year.  He also volunteered to lead a board game club on campus.  In addition, he has three boys that he tutors each week.  At Salvation Church he continues to serve as an elder and is the primary teacher for the adult class at Friday Night Bible Study.  He recently enjoyed hosting two classes of students in our home for Halloween parties.

We both look forward to my arrival home -home on November 22nd! I hope and pray that you are all well!

God’s peace in Christ,

Noel and Andrew