Sac Zone LMWL President Thayer delivers gift to Mission Central for Iowa District West


It was such an honor and blessing to welcome Missionary Irene Thayer, President of the Sac Zone LWML to Mission Central on May 1st, 2019.

At the Sac Zone LWML Spring Rally, the members collected a whopping total of $1,560.00 in gift cards to be used for the flood victims here in our Iowa District West.  Irene made a special trip to the Lord’s Mission Central to deliver these wonderful gifts!

They will be delivered directly to our Iowa District West, and indeed will be distributed to people here in our District who have suffered so much loss as a result of the flooding this year!

Here you see President Thayer in front of our Boss here at Mission Central with 3 full envelopes of those amazing gift cards of love from the NOT NORMAL members of the LWML!!!