Record attendance for Ascension Service at Mission Central

On the 30th of May 2019, we reviewed our records, and found that the attendance at the Lord’s Mission Central had the LARGEST attendance on record for our Ascension Day service, with a whopping 245 people in attendance…..yes, that was the record.

Why?  Because of the presence of the world Famous Rev. Dr. Dale Meyer, President of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri.  As the people left the barn at the Lord’s Mission Central….so many, many people commented that “they could have listened to this guy for hours”….

Dr. Meyer has not lost his GIFT that the Lord has given to him, and what a privilege and JOY to have him come and speak at this humble setting in the middle of nowhere in the hills of Western Iowa.

We thank God for the NOT NORMAL people that were willing to come out on a Thursday evening to hear this dynamic speaker.  It was truly a time that people will not soon forget.

Thank you Dr. Meyer, for caring enough to come to be with us NOT NORMAL people!