Rebentisch (Taiwan) Update – February2022

Sundays are filling up fast!

February 2022

Dear Praying Friends,

Chinese New Year means lots of visiting.   I had twelve visitors to my apartment, and went to 4 other homes in response to invitations.  I also spent a few days with my prayer partner Cathy and her family.  This Year of the Tiger celebration involved an abundance of food, laughter, prayer, games, and fellowship.

I was able to visit Mary and Steve in their home.  Mary told me that she is encouraging her son to become a Christian—hoping that doing so would help his moods and his marriage.

Mrs. Lee and family
Another of the visits I enjoyed was with Mrs. Lee and her daughter Irene with her family.

Teacher Joann and family
Before Priscilla went to Indonesia to teach English, she introduced me to another Christian sister willing to help me learn and practice Chinese.  Joann and her family invited me to their house for Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner meal.  Now Joann listens to me read Chinese to her twice each week—Deaconess Sandra Rhein’s lectures—to improve my fluency and pronunciation.

One other fun development has been watching the Christian TV series The Chosen with Kass.  We often eat a meal together after my Chinese lesson (which Kass teaches after her school day at Concordia Middle School), then watch an episode.  She’s been asking questions about Jesus.

Some visitors to my home

Apart from visiting and studying, I also used some hymn recordings from the new Chinese Lutheran hymnal.  I then made power point files with the verses and choruses on slides, so that folks can sing along.  After combining the recordings and power points into videos, I uploaded the completed files onto the website.  The idea came from Mark Wolfram, and the words from Dr. Michael Paul.


Sundays are filling up fast for my home visit this summer. I am scheduled to speak at 8 churches and 2 gatherings. Only 2 Sunday morning times remain, but I am willing and able to speak at LWML meetings, youth groups, VBS or other special events. If you would like me to speak at your church, school, or small group, please email or call me on my USA cell phone 651-359-5107, (6 pm to 8 am your time) so that I can schedule a visit.  I have a report of what you’ve enabled me to do, and more pictures and stories to share, so I hope we can spend some time together.

I remain very grateful for your partnership in prayer with me.  You are a wonderful blessing to me and all of God’s people!

In Christ’s Service,
Barb Rebentisch

Praise Reports:

  • For the opportunities to share God’s Word and the good news of Jesus.
  • For Mary’s improved health, and some relief for Steve in his care for her
  • For the Taiwanese friends who are willing to help with my work.
  • For YOU, your prayers, encouraging cards, messages, and contributions.

Prayer Requests:

  • For increasingly better Chinese, so that I can be effective in the work that I am called to do.
  • For Mary, Steve, Mrs. Lee and Kass that their hearts will be opened to saving faith.
  • For more Christian foreign English teachers for Concordia Middle School.
  • For God to bless you, for the blessing you are to me!                                      

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