Wildauer (Belize) Update – April 2024

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Dear Fellow Redeemed in Christ,

Christ is risen, alleluia!

To many of you, this may appear to be a delayed Easter greeting from our family to yours. However, I have been waiting to share some good news with you, news that I wanted to send with this greeting.

Just this week on Tuesday, April 23, the Office of International Mission called Jason Groth, a pastoral candidate from Concordia Seminary Saint Louis, to serve as a missionary and church planter alongside of us in Belize. Please pray for him and his family as they deliberate this call. For us, this is extraordinary news as there are certainly plenty of opportunities to plant churches in this beautiful country.

Though the attached newsletter is only a one-page greeting, feel free to pass this along to others in your congregation or family. If you have a visible place in your church building, feel free to post it. You are also welcome to add the page or the contents to your congregational newsletter.

May the Lord continue to fill you with resurrection joy that no one can ever take away. Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support for the proclamation of the Gospel in Belize. You are cherished.

Christ’s peace be yours,


Pastor Micah Wildauer & Family

LCMS Church Planter, Belize